Releasing of Cattle


Sri Lanka being a country with a Buddhist population of around 80%, many abhor eating beef. But still a large number of cattle are slaughtered daily in the country for consumption and the methods adopted for slaughtering of these animals can largely be considered as inhumane.
Considering the poor plight of these animals, the Dharma Vijaya Foundation of the Dakshinaramaya Temple has initiated a program to save these poor animals from death by buying cattle from the Slaughtering Houses and donating such saved cattle on Poya Days to farmers who can look after these animals on a strict set of conditions.
Generally each cow will cost around Rs.25,000/- to Rs.40,000/- (depending on the weight of the animal) and so far the Dharma Vijaya Foundation of the Temple has been in a position to save around 250 cows from certain death with the generous contributions received from well wishers.

Donating of Spectacles

Dakshinaramaya is organizing Eye Checking/Spectacle Donation Campaigns in various parts of the country to donate spectacles to the poor people. The help we have received from various well wishers and especially the contribution of Lion Daya Wijetunge in this regard is much appreciated.



Holding an Annual Dansela on the Day following the Vesak Poya Day

Commencing the year 2007, a Dansela is being held annually on the day following the Vesak Poya day by providing free dinner to the devotees who come to Colombo to see Vesak decorations. Last year, Dakshinaramaya managed to provide meals to more than 5,000 people who came to the Dansela.

Other Services

  1. Helping the Poor Students by donating Text Books & Stationery
  2. Donating of Wheel chairs to the Physically Disabled Persons
  3. Donating of Dry Rations to the Disaster Affected People (in the case of Natural Calamities)