“Welcome to Dakshinaramaya Temple!”

Dakshinaramaya in Galkissa was founded by Ven. Dickwelle Sri Gunaratana Nayake Thera in the early 1900s to enable the Buddhist devotees in the area to practice their religion. Sri Gunaratana Nayake Thera was closely associated with Ven. Pelene Sri Vajiragnana Maha Nayake Thera and as such was in a position to develop strong ties with Sri Vajiragnana Pirivena in Maharagama, a tradition which is continued by Dakshinaramaya even today.

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About us

Over the years, under the guidance of four incumbents, Dakshinaramaya has emerged as a leading Buddhist institution in the country with the support of large number of Buddhist devotees both in Sri Lanka and abroad by expanding in size and the scope of activities.

Further, Dakshinaramaya presently has a Bikkhu Training Centre of its own, called the Nalanada Pirivena, for the benefit and education of Samanera Bikkhus.

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Few historical photographs